Boot Camp Houston

You've found the best boot camp in Houston!  We have the most fun, get excellent results, and all members enjoy: 

  • Unlimited Workouts (3+ each week)
  • Nutritional Support
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Motivation from Your Coach and Peers
  • Equipment Included

Plus, you can expect more energy, amazing fitness results, a leaner and more shapely body, and all the confidence that comes with it. 

Not sure about a boot camp workout?  Get a free one on one Functional Movement Screen with some basic instruction.

Team Mentality

Our boot camp members work hard together and play hard together.  We support each other as a team, improve as a team, and even have some team activities outside of the workouts - like picnics, pot lucks, and other fun get togethers. 

Boot Camp in Houston for Men and Women

The boot camp classes are made for men and women.  We adjust for various fitness and strength levels by using different sizes of weights or by adjusting the excercise slightly for the individual. 

No one will be left behind and each of you will get the full workout experience you are looking for.  Read some testimonials.

Unconventional Fitness Methods

russian kettlebell boot camp houstonThe boot camp program works so well because we keep it interesting and fun.  One day you might be pulling a tire, another you might be playing tug-of-war, and another you might be trying to bring down the person with the sand bad (you have to be there). 

Russian Kettlebells

At the core of the boot camp experience is the Russian kettlebell. You will learn the proper techniques and amazing effectiveness of the ages-old Russian kettlebell workout which is used by military specialists and Olympians around the world. 

Kettlebells are the best "bang for the buck" workout possible in terms of time vs. results. The special emphasis on Russian kettlebells is part of what makes our boot camp the best in Houston.

Your fitness coach, Doug Descant, is a certified RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) instructor, firefighter, paramedic, and former mixed martial arts instructor.

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